About Me

I’m currently a NOAA Climate and Global Change postdoctoral scholar at Princeton. I’m working with Michael Bender to better understand the biogeochemical cycling of oxygen in the present and past using isotopic measurements of O2 (including both 18O and 17O) and the construction and application of simple models of oxygen generation and consumption in the oceans.

More generally, I’m a geochemist with interests in a variety of problems related to the rock record, microbiology, and biogeochemical cycles in the present and past. My approach to scientific problems is centered around linking experiments and physically based models to natural observations in an integrated fashion and, when necessary, developing new methods and techniques.

For my PhD at Caltech I worked with John Eiler and Alex Sessions to develop the first method for the useful measurement of methane clumped isotopes using a prototype mass spectrometer and applied it to a variety of natural and experimental samples ranging from economic gas reservoirs to marine seeps to deeply buried continental aquifers. I showed that methane clumped isotopes can be used to measure gas formation temperatures in both thermogenic and biogenic gases, distinguish sources of methane, and understand rates of microbial methanogenesis. With John Eiler, I additionally made measurements of clumped isotopes on carbonates from both experimental and natural samples to better understand and quantify the effects of diagenesis and heating on measured carbonate clumped-isotope temperatures. Based on these observations, I developed simple models to describe the amount and style alteration that occurred after formation of the carbonate.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and fiancée. I’m an avid animal lover and looking forward to getting my first cat this fall when my fiancée moves to Princeton.

A beautiful day at the Department of Geological and Planetary Sciences, Caltech

A beautiful day at the Department of Geological and Planetary Sciences, Caltech